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How to make sure you reach your goals Around this time of the year, most entrepreneurs are busy mapping out the new year, reflecting on their past successes and failures, and trying to figure out how to enhance their business performance over the next 12 months. What makes or breaks […]

Soulskin_Balancing unreliable income

One of the biggest changes to adapt to when we quit our jobs to become entrepreneurs is the potential inconsistency in income. As an employee, you get your weekly or monthly salary. And while variable parts may impact the exact amount, the overall range is quite fixed. Which means that […]

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Whoohoo, summer is here! And for some regions it comes with yet another wave of severe heat. So, what can you do to stay  productive when it’s hot out there?  1 Stay hydrated When it’s hot outside, water is the most crucial resource. The human body does not overheat easily, […]

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When you think about your company in five, ten or even twenty years from now, what does it look like? Is it still you and your freelance VA hustling along? Is all income passive, are all processes outsourced to independent contractors, and money flows in like clockwork? Or do you […]

Are you currently “contemplating internally” how to address the issue of racial injustice in you company or community? (No, this is not another white woman telling you how to deal with racism.) As a strategist, and researcher with feminist roots, empowerment and inclusion have been part of my work ever […]

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Every single country on this planet is currently affected by the Corona virus pandemic. Not all are affected equally, though. Some are further along in the spread; others have contained their small number of cases. Some have taken severe measures to stop the spread of the disease, while others face […]

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Mitigation is the second phase of the emergency management cycle. In short, mitigation covers protection and preparation. To prepare for crisis and emergencies, organisations have only limited resources. Everything we do, every hour we spend on training, every staff member that’s revisiting emergency plans, is not put into customer satisfaction […]

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Before you start preparing your business for a crisis, you must first understand what risks you are actually exposed to, what the probability is and what an event might mean for you. A risk analysis is very individual, because in addition to the objective risks, which should be relatively similar […]

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One of the privileges of the freelancer is to be able to work from home. At least when I’m not on-site with the client. And who’s on-site with the client at the moment? Not me. And neither are many others who are now (having to) work from home for the […]

Soulskin Fear

As a self-employed, single parent – and as a crisis manager – I am in general quite relaxed when a situation comes to a head or when things get financially tight. It takes a little while before something frightens me. And if it does, I’ve learned to greet fear as […]