Soulskin_Balancing unreliable income

One of the biggest changes to adapt to when we quit our jobs to become entrepreneurs is the potential inconsistency in income. As an employee, you get your weekly or monthly salary. And while variable parts may impact the exact amount, the overall range is quite fixed. Which means that […]

Soulskin Fear

As a self-employed, single parent – and as a crisis manager – I am in general quite relaxed when a situation comes to a head or when things get financially tight. It takes a little while before something frightens me. And if it does, I’ve learned to greet fear as […]

Life can be a bitch. Bad things happen. And, weirdly, they tend to arrive in bulks. Not only your car breaks down, but the washing machine dies away, too. Not only is he cheating on you, but with your best friend, of all people in the world! Not only do […]