Our vision is to create THE go-to change & crisis management consultancy for female run companies around the world, be a great place to work and contribute to security & wellbeing of the global community.

Our mission is to make sure that female entrepreneurs are prepared and able to handle every crisis that may occur in their life and business; to enhance resilience and to diminish the risk of disaster for themselves, their families, companies and related stakeholders. We do that by working towards better understanding crisis and disaster; assessing corporate and personal risk; delivering training & assisting with organizational development; troubleshooting & crisis management, as well as supporting recovery and resilience building.

Our 10 core values:

  • Respect: We respect and cherish diverse approaches to life and strive to learn from people who think differently.
  • Clarity: We don’t bullshit our clients. If we see a risk, we tell them. If we are not the ones who can help, we work towards finding someone who can.
  • Awareness: We pay attention to our environment, the people around us, and social trends. If we have questions, we ask. We don’t second-guess.
  • Participation: We work with our clients, not for them. We prefer research and consulting methods that allow for active participation of various stakeholders.
  • Courage: We go where it hurts, and we support our clients however we can so that they can be courageous, too.
  • Safety: In all operations, not doing harm to people, animals, or the natural environment is our goal. If damage is inevitable, we keep it small, clean it up, repair what can be repaired and compensate for what can’t.
  • Pragmatism: We acknowledge that preparation and prevention have to be balanced with organisational flexibility and limited resources, and we work towards practical solutions that fit with our clients.
  • Serenity: Being prepared helps our clients to calm down and allows them to focus on their corporate and personal goals without worry or fear.
  • Joy: We love life, and we transport that in our everyday actions.
  • Gratitude: Every crisis not happening is a job well done.